Innovative application CAD-based, to design slabs according to ACI 318-19.

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A powerful tool to design reinforced concrete slabs according to ACI 318-19 Metric.

Slabs Expert has a CAD-based interface. Drafting tools that allow to draw lines, polylines, to copy, extend, trim, etc… Alternatively, the user can model the slab on AutoCAD using specific layers and import the drawing to Slabs Expert. It is the quickest way to model slabs of any complexity since all elements are identified with their layer.

Powerful meshing engine that generates regular quadrangular meshes. When the interior of the columns is filled with gray shade, It means the “Rigid links at columns” option is activated. It affects to the shaded area a big stiffness to prevent local bending of the slab. This feature is very useful when the columns have a big section, it allows to properly model real behavior.




It is possible to consider crack width limitations according to ACI 224.1R-07.
Design will be performed at the service limits state.


By assigning the elastic properties of soil, it is possible to perform accurate raft foundations analysis.
The software uses Boussinesq equations to simulate an elastic half-space beneath the raft.


The software can perform an elastic-plastic analysis based on moment-curvature relationship. This innovative non-linear calculation is performed at the ULS, leading to accurate moments.

For each finite element, the software calculates the curvatures and associates the corresponding stiffnesses, based on the real provided reinforcement that the user can introduce.

The software will finally display capacity ratio for each finite element. It is the ratio of the ultimate moment to the capacity moment.


This useful calculator is based on the same calculation engine that is used for the non-linear elastic-plastic analysis.

It gives the curves moment-curvature, moment-inertia and inertia-curvature for a section in flexure.

The user defines the dimensions and the reinforcement of the section, and the software will display the response curve.


One of the strong points of Slabs Expert is the complete handling of the cracked long-term deflection. Iterative procedure is used, based on moment-curvature approach, where the curvature is calculated based on the real (provided) reinforcement that the user can accurately introduce at any location in the slab.

Furthermore, the user can specify the percentage of sustained live loads, the date at which the partition works are completed, and the remainder of the superstructure works that are still pending. Such parameters are required for an accurate estimation of the deflection.

Results are displayed by the mean of maps of high resolution:


SLABS EXPERT is a must-have for any engineer……
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  • This program is protected by a password. It can be installed on one machine only.
  • The Demo version has limitations regarding materials characteristics (f’c and fy cannot be changed).
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